What is Stagely?
Stagely is a musical, social network. A voice-based network where users can sign up or make musical tracks together. Any user can create a “Stage” in every Stage. The creator is the owner. They can invite people and make the Stage public or private. Each Stage includes an audience and musicians.

The idea is to make local musicians stream their music worldwide and let the locals in the same area find them and get to know them.

Who can use Stagely?
– Locals in remote areas can show the world their art and traditions.
– Local bands who want to expand their audience
– musicians who want to collaborate with other local musicians
– Normal users who want to listen to the local music
– Local people who want to connect with local musicians

Use case:
If someone plays saxophone in some train station in New York City, they can start a live studio in the app and are ready to go. Other users can join and listen to them.

The stage creator (the saxophone player) can invite someone in the app to join them and play/sing with them.

After weeks of stalemating between the development team and me, Stagely is nearly ready to launch! Unfortunately, some bugs need tending before it’s perfect – but we’re so close I can almost hear the champagne corks popping. Stay tuned!