I still remember the fresh smell of coffee roasting every week in our kitchen. It was a special moment for me when my mom used to roast coffee at home using the stove and a pan. Then, as I grew older, maybe 11 years old, it became a ritual: My mom would prepare the coffee beans we got from South Saudi Arabia each week, place them in the pan over low heat and slowly start toasting them until they were ready.

The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans never failed to fill our house with its unique aroma; it was like nothing else I had ever experienced. Every time I smelled it, my mouth would start watering, and I couldn’t help but feel excited. Then, when the beans were ready, my mom would grind them and make us a nice cup of hot coffee which we’d enjoy together as a family.

This experience stayed with me for many years until I eventually decided to take up roasting coffee myself. First, I researched different roasting processes to find what works best for me. After experimenting with various roasters (using gas and electric stoves) and multiple temperatures, I finally found one that worked great for me: The ‘cone-shaped’ method, which involves rotating the pan in circles over medium heat for around 10 minutes to reach optimal results.

I was also curious about where these excellent little green beans came from, so I started researching their origin story. I learned that most of Saudi Arabia’s production of Arabica Coffee comes from two central regions, Yemen & Ethiopia, both known for producing some of the finest quality coffees in the world! But, some cities in the south of Saudi Arabia that is known for coffee beans production are Jazan and Asir.

Coffee has become an essential part of my life since then; I now know how to roast and appreciate its flavor notes more than ever before! And while there’s nothing quite like having a cup made by someone you love -as my mother did- there’s something special about taking your journey through this fantastic beverage too.