Aziz Alzahrani

Aziz is a leader with a track record of solving complex business problems. Able to communicate at all levels, establish trust and confidence in the organization, develop long-term strategies, lead change efforts, successfully manage relationships with key customers (internal and external), collaborate with senior management, and partner with technology to deliver results.

What sets Aziz apart is his exceptional customer service delivery skills leveraged to achieve strong client satisfaction. Adept at developing new programs, services, and channels, while building teams from the ground up. He is experienced in using a data-driven approach for forecasting, budgeting, and risk mitigation.

Aziz is a freelance writer who has only recently started this line of work. He enjoys it immensely, as it allows him to share his wit and humor with the world. When he’s not writing, Aziz can usually be found reading or playing video games. He likes to think of himself as a gaming expert, and he’s always happy to advise anyone who will listen.